Willow Vs Elvie Vs Amaia | Which Wearable Breast Pump To Choose

Willow Vs Elvie Vs Amaia | Which Wearable Breast Pump To Choose

Its safe to say, most moms will have to make the tough decision on which breast pump to go for. Now ordinarily if they were all made equal, the decision should be somewhat easy but that’s not case. There is breast pump for the exclusively pumping mom, the stay at home mom, working mom, busybee mom, travel bee mom and all the moms in between.

Moms are moms, moms are best and moms are busy bees! There’s a new buzz in town and that’s around wearable and completely hands free breast pumps. These breast pumps are designed with freedom and flexibility in mind. To allow the nursing moms continue to provide nature’s best milk for their baby without sacrificing time or comfort.

Today I’ll be comparing Willow vs Elvie vs Amaia with one another, so you can make the best decision.

What You Need To Know Before Buying A Wearable Breast Pump

Wearable breast pumps are breast pumps that can be worn in your bra and under your clothing for discrete pumping. Luckily there aren’t many options to choose from, so without further ado here’s a breakdown of the choices available on the market.

Wireless Vs Hands-Free Breast Pumps

There’s the completely wireless and hands free breast pumps. In this league are Elvie, Amaia & Willow breast pumps. Then you have the handsfree with some wires, – Freemie & Amaia Freestyle cups.

Elvie, Willow & Amaia breast pumps are  all-in -one breast pumps which offer complete handsfree and wireless breast pumping solutions. The entire pumping process happens within the bra with no wires or dangling bottles, discrete and noiseless pumping.

Freemie and the Amaia freestyle cup, offer hands free pumping but with tubes connecting to a pump unit. Whilst neither require a mother to be stuck dow while pumping,  the tubes revoke the wireless privilege.

All Willow vs Elvie vs Amaia vs Freemie wearable pumps are portable, convenient and make the life of a breast-pumping mother a whole lot easier.

Benefits  Of Wearable Breast Pumps?

Sooner or later breast pumps have to keep up with the modern times, and its great to see these innovative companies taking the lead on this. Part of the benefits of pumping with wearable breastpumps include:

  • Portability
  • Ability to multitask while pumping – pump anywhere anytime.
  • Ease of use (not to mention more convenient!) than manually pumping
  • Convenient and no special bras required
  • Natural suction mechanism can increase milk supply
  • Innovative and great mommy supporter.

Things To Look For In Breast Pumps

Your breast pump must be convenient, comfortable and efficient. Just because a breast pmp makes loud noise, doesn’t mke it the best. You should be able to pump without feeling embarrassed by the sound.

Operating Noise

A silent or inaudible breast pump unit is a must have for working moms, especially ones who pump at their desk or in non private settings, such as on the train. And for stay at home moms,its just as important, as breast pump noise can easily wake a sleeping baby.

Size Options

Portabliity is important and also variation of nipple size. The nipple size ensures the mother is wearing the correct nipple shield for her breast, so pumping can be done with ease and comfort. Sore and cracked nipples are no fun at all. Elvie, Amaia and Willow come with different  breast shield sizes.

Milk Storage Solution

They say you shouldn’t cry over spilt milk but that doesn’t apply to a mothers milk. The Amaia, Willow and Elvie breastpump have a no spill technology which allows moms to pump with ease. The willow coms with disposable breast milk bags, whilst the Elvie comes with milk bottles & the Amaia breast pump has disposable breast milk storage bags.

Ease Of Use And Cleaning

Wearable means ease and comfort. All these wearable breast pumps have  less than 5 pieces to wash. Making it incredibly easy for mom’s to go about their day.

Battery Life

What’s the point in opting for a portable breast pump if its battery dies in little to no time? All of the options on our list require two hours of charging to reach full charge and the battery will last for approximately two hours or five pumping sessions.

App Options

Technology exists to make the life of the modern-day parent easier. Why not take advantage of it? All  – Amaia, Elvie and Willow have apps that allow you to monitor your milk production and check your pumping history. The apps are compatible with Android and iOS devices alike.

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