What is Nutrition | Learn about Your Baby’s Needs
Newborn Care

What is Nutrition | Learn about Your Newborn’s Needs

What is Nutrition: Every parent wants to know if their baby is getting the proper nutrition required for healthy growth. You need to care about your baby’s body requirements.

Whether you breastfeed your baby or use formula milk, in all cases you must ensure that your baby is getting all the important nutrients. Babies are at the stage of developing different organs.

They do not have a strong digestive system to digest everything you feed them with. So, before feeding your baby with anything, make sure that your baby is able to digest that.

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What is Nutrition that a Newborn Requires?

Newborn period is indeed a very crucial time for both mother and baby. Feeding the newborn is a challenging job but you can do that smoothly once you get to know about the requirements of your baby.

So what is nutrition that would suit you’re newborn perfectly and would fulfill baby’s needs? The perfect answer to this question is mother’s breast milk. Breast milk is a super perfect nutrition for a newborn that is accepted universally.

It has got all the essential minerals and vitamins that are required by your baby for healthy growth. It helps the baby to fight against all the infections that may try to become a hurdle in baby’s healthy growth. If you are a breastfeeding mother, make sure that you take care of your own diet as well.

Because what you eat and drink pass through your milk to your baby. You need to take a lot of water and drinks since milk formation requires a lot of liquid.

For those mothers who have problems breastfeeding the newborns may use infant formula milk as an alternative. Infant formula is designed to have all the essential nutrients that the real breast milk has. While using the formula make sure that you follow the instructions written on it. Do not add more or less scoops then required. It may lead to constipation, dehydration or underfeeding.

Introducing Solids to Your Baby

You may start feeding your baby with solid food once he or she reaches the age of four months. Start this practice slowly and keep on increasing the number of solids with the passage of time.

Give your baby single solid food at a time and wait for few days to make sure that your baby is not allergic to that. New mothers may have this question in their minds that what is nutrition that is required for their four months or elder baby.

The most important nutrient needed by babies in this age is iron. It is because body’s natural iron starts depleting in this period. You can introduce solids to your baby in the form of iron-fortified cereals.

Gradually start giving your baby mashed foods. And finally, when your baby gets used to with a variety of foods, you can provide your baby with poultry, beans, and meat.

Newborns and growing babies need our special attention and care in terms of providing them with proper nutrition. Make sure that as a parent you know what is nutrition, that you have to provide to your baby at the right time.

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