Funny Things To Do With Walkie Talkie Watches for Kids!

Funny Things To Do With Walkie Talkie Watches for Kids!

Most of the modern parents prefer to buy walkie talkie for their children to ensure the safety through communication. From military to general people, every people can gain its benefits. Walkie talkies are always available with multiple features and benefits. But, walkie-talkie watches for kids are popular among the cognizant parents. They try to provide the best safety to their children while using the best walkie talkie watches for kids whenever they go to a public place.

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Unknown Facts Of Walkie Talkie Watches For Kids

Apart from choosing, buying, or knowing about various kinds of walkie talkie watches, you are about to know about some interesting things that you can do with them.

Everything isn’t as bored as it seems. Sometimes, you can make your necessary things to an interesting gadget to play with. Did you ever think to use walkie talkie watches for playing purpose? Well, we don’t think so.

Today, we have come in the top 5 interesting games that you can play with the walkie talkie watches.

Best Walkie Talkie Watches for kids

Play Hide & Seek

You are just thinking what rubbish we are talking, right? Hold back tight and read it whole. We all know how to play hide and seek. In this game, someone hides and another person has to find him from counting 0 to 10. It was the most favorite game many of us.

Now, you can add this modern device “walkie talkie watches” to this game and make the game more interesting. You can instruct your child to communicate with the partner in the game to find him in an interesting way.

If your child is playing the game in the team, then you can tell the whole team to use the walkie talkie. Using walkie talkie won’t only make the game interesting; they will be able to play the game with more interest and comfort. The best thing they can enjoy that the hiders can also be the seekers at the same time.

Role- Playing Activity Games

Do you see the activity of police officers, explorers, spies, or secret agents in your child? Walkie talkie watches is the first step you can take for him. Plan a game for him and his playing mates and let them think about a mission. Now, your part is to see how they can accomplish a mission using the walkie talkie watches.

Blindfold Game

Another interesting game you can try for your child is the following directions in the blindfold. We all know this game somehow. There is none who haven’t played this game in their childhood. You can also play the game with your child.

For example, your child will be blindfolded and he has to catch you following the direction you give him over the walkie talkie watch. So, you have both have to wear the walkie talkie watch on the wrist. You can allow your child to play the game into the team also.

In a team, one has to be blindfolded and others are free to interrupt the blindfolded one creating obstacles and make the game more interesting.


Do your kids love to do scavenger hunts? Well, it’s one of the most favorite activities of kids. This game brings the best excitement to the kids’ face and they enjoy every moment of this game. Using the walkie talkie watches they can let other mates know their location and report the updates of their activity.

Challenging Mystery Games

If your kids love to play challenging games then walkie talkie is a must way. They can enjoy adding more obstacles and solving them using the walkie talkie watches make any game interesting. The more obstacles mean the kids need more clues about what they can get from walkie talkie watches.

Your children can enjoy mystery solving games like hiding something in the backyard, garden, or under the sofa and discuss the actions through a walkie talkie. Most of the mysteries solving games are more enjoyable in the night than a day as the darkness creates the perfect theme.

Last Words

Do your kids own walkie talkies watches yet? Then, it is high time to compel yourself to get the best walkie talkie watches for kids right away. Your kids are going to thank you for sure.

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