4 Unique Rocking Chair Ideas For Your Nursery

4 Unique Rocking Chair Ideas For Your Nursery

When setting up your nursery for your new bundle of joy, a rocking chair is a priority. A high-end glider rocking offers nursing mothers convenience and comfort. This chair brings a rocking motion that soothes your little one, making them feel calm. It also helps them to stop crying and fall asleep. While these chairs come in a simple design, they provide the utmost relaxation and comfort for mothers.

Well, the ordinary is just boring. And, if you are looking for something unique, then this guide is for you. Make your kid’s room unique with the following rocking chair ideas for your nursery.

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1. Get a glider

Modern rocking chairs don’t have to rock like the traditional models. Remember, you need something comfortable for you and the baby. Instead of the rocking motion, the gliding motion is also great for the baby. The soothing gliding motion will not only get your baby to sleep faster but also keep them asleep for longer.

Tip: A glider is a great choice. However, you should always pair it with an ottoman. This will help you keep your feet up and relieve your backpressure after sitting for a prolonged period when nursing your baby.

2.     Bright Colors

Babies are curious, and ultimately, bright colors keep them interested. Bright colors also help in their eye development as well as adapting to life. Therefore, it is great to add fun colors to your rocking chair.

Tip: bright colors might be tricky to get the baby mess such as beverage spills or spit ups. Therefore, we recommend using dull upholstery then adding a removable bright colored cover after that. Luckily, you can get a brightly colored cover that is machine washable. This makes it easy to maintain and care for. Additionally, you can always remove the cover when your baby is older.

3. Sturdy wood construction

Nothing is wrong with going with the metallic frame. However, there is something irresistible with the wooden frame nursery rocking chairs. One of the best things about these frames is that you can easily paint them to suit your nursery décor.

Tip: Make sure that the frame is made from natural hardwood frame. Additionally, don’t settle for the contemporary pink color for girls and blue for boys. Instead, stick to cool, neutral tones. Of course, you can’t predict the sex of your next child. Therefore getting a model that you can use for all your kids is not only economical but also saves you the hassle of repainting your nursery now and then.

4. Get a recliner rocking chair

Nothing is crucial than ensuring your baby’s comfort. But, you will also need to consider your comfort too. Nursing your baby in an uncomfortable chair is jaw breaking. Therefore, a recliner chair may offer the support you need.

Tip: remember, nursing your kid isn’t easy; you may have to spend a few hours to multiple hours. Worse, even before your baby adjusts to day and night program, you may find yourself spending half the night nursing him/her. Therefore, you will find yourself deprived of sleep. The best thing about a recliner rocking chair is that you can spend the night in your baby nursery and still get enough sleep.


Decorating your little one’s nursery doesn’t need to be stressful. In fact, with the above rocking chair ideas, it can be fun. Whether you are looking for something unique or soothing for you and your kid, the above tips set you in the right direction. All the best!

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