Trying for A Baby? The Most Important Aspects to Know

Trying for A Baby? The Most Important Aspects for You to Know

One of the most frustrating situations that can make a woman worry is not being able to get pregnant. You have the same body on which you have been relying for the whole life and now it is not going through while you are trying for a baby. If you are in such kind of situation, better not to get depressed as it won’t help you at all.

There are a lot of guides, advice and information available that surely help you get pregnant faster. Make sure that you and your husband have a complete medical check-up beforehand so that you guys are sure that there is no obvious medical restraint that might cause a blockage in conceiving.

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Trying for a Baby

Here you got some tips and suggestions of gynecologists to follow while trying for a baby:

Let Go Any Birth Control Ahead of Time While Trying for a Baby

If you are using anything for birth control like pills or something else, you should avoid having them a bit earlier than you plan to have a baby. It is because after you stop taking precautions your body takes 2 or 3 cycles to ovulate again.

How to Know Your Fertile Days

The most common mistake women make when they are trying for a baby is that they don’t know the time period of their ovulation. Today there are ovulation predictor kits (OPK) available that predict your days of ovulation almost accurately.

Mate before Your Ovulation Period

You should mate before your days of ovulation as it increases the chance of sperms to fertilize with the eggs. Preferably you should mate every other day after 10th day of your periodic cycle.

Lie Straight on Your Back after Mating

At that time the female genital organ is already in downward position and lying down straight on your back helps the sperms to pool in and there is a greater chance of sperm reaching the eggs. So you must keep in mind to stay on your back for a while since you are trying for a baby.

Use of Lubricants While Mating

Most people have a misconception that using a lubricant while they are mating will aid the sperms to move faster. The truth is that using any sort of lubricant actually lowers the ph of the female genital organ which hinders or slows down the process of conception.

Maintain a Good Health but Don’t Get Overweight

Approximately 22% body fat is required ovulating normally and to carry on pregnancy. So it is very important to take healthy food and maintain a vigorous body before pregnancy. But be careful as you must not get overweight as it is one of the reasons of misconception.

Quit Any Unhealthy Habit

If you have a habit of smoking and drinking then you should give up these activities. Both smoking and drinking are frequently the causes of early miscarriages and abortions. So if you are trying for a baby then you should quit such type of unhealthy practices. Keep yourself healthy to have a healthy baby!

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