Symptoms of Pregnancy: Know the Sign And Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Symptoms of Pregnancy: Know the Sign And Symptoms Of Pregnancy

You may suspect that you are expecting right after you have missed your first period. It generally occurs within around 10 days of the conception. In other cases, you might be ignorant of any variations in your body for a long time, only pondering if you are pregnant as you have missed your period. Women tend to feel certain symptoms of pregnancy as soon as they have a developing child in their body.

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Symptoms of Pregnancy

Some of these Symptoms are Listed Below

Missing Periods – A Vital Sign of Pregnancy

If you have missed a period, you might be pregnant. Take a test as soon as possible to know what the real deal is. Get to know your Symptoms of pregnancy and deal with them in the right way.

Very Initial Symptoms of Pregnancy

Being pregnant means feeling lazy all the time. You will always find yourself exhausted and tired right from the day your pregnancy starts. This is mainly because you are carrying a baby inside you.

The hormonal changes in your body make you feel exhausted. Exhaustion is frequently one of the first symbols of pregnancy

Increase of Blood Supply to Your Breasts

The first thing that happens to your body is that the blood supply to your breasts increases. This causes a tickling feeling around your nipples.

For most of the women, this is the foremost symptom of pregnancy. This feeling diminishes when your body gets used to of the hormonal flow.

Sudden Mood Shifts

Most of the women go through sudden mood swings throughout the period of their pregnancy. It is quite normal to go through a diversity of sentiments as hormones are altering and the body is shifting from one state to another.

 Staying Sick All the Time

If you are fortunate enough, you will not become a victim of this symptom. However, if you are not, get ready for the morning sickness. It is a very common sign of pregnancy. Mostly it initiates when you are roughly six weeks pregnant.

However, it might start in the fourth week as well. You will feel sick and tasteless. In addition, you will puke a lot. Nausea is not essentially limited just to the morning time. Many women feel it all day long.

 Longing for Certain Foods

Cravings for specific food are a symbol of pregnancy. You might not want to eat certain foods, but develop a longing for others. It might happen right from the start of the pregnancy.

Your smelling sense may alter as well and you might discover that you are much more delicate to odors from foodstuff and cooking. Working in the kitchen gets almost difficult for many women during pregnancy.

Sensitive and Swallow Breast

During the sixth week, your breasts will get tender and sensitive. You will have the similar feeling you used to have during periods.

Your breasts will get bigger and will swell a lot. You will witness blue veins emerging on the skin. Do not worry because that is all normal.

Increased Level of Urination

One of the major symptoms of pregnancy is that you will urinate a lot. The enhanced volume of blood in your body affects the kidney and it tends to work harder. You might sometimes feel a sensation of pain while urinating.

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