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Major Signs and Home Remedies of Gassy Baby | Babies Wiki

A gassy baby can be a real difficulty for parents at times if they do not know the proper way of handling such issues.

Newborn gas problems can be faced by infants at multiple times and these can be handled easily at home as well if the parents know about the proper treatment and home remedies.

What does gassy baby mean?

An infant who is developing normally needs to pass gas through his/her body 13 to 21 times per day.

A baby can become irritated when he or she is not able to pass gas by the appropriate way.

Is a gassy baby normal?

If your baby is generally happy and only fusses for a few seconds while passing gas, that’s a sign that it’s normal, Even if they turn red and make noise, it doesn’t mean that it bothers them. If they’re happy in between episodes and not too distressed during them, there’s probably nothing wrong.

Pediatrician Jennifer Shu

 What makes baby gassy?

There can be many reasons for a gassy baby.

One can look at multiple reasons when a baby feels symptoms for gas.

This can happen due to swallowing excessive air, feeding on a bottle at times, sucking on a pacifier for a longer time and excessive crying & much more…

These are all practices that can result in the baby gas.

It can be really irritated not for babies but for their parents as well.

Is it gas or something else?

It can result in excessive crying, burping, bloating and cramps. You might also feel a hard tummy that might not be observed in a normal routine.

These are the major symptoms of a gassy baby that can help you make sure that your baby is suffering from this problem.

Gassy baby natural remedies

There are several gassy baby natural remedies that you can apply by yourself at home in order to help your baby

Burping the Baby

The baby can relieve gas when he/she is made to burp.

If the baby does not burp after he/she is fed then lay him/her on the bed for a while. After some time, try again to make him/her burp. See how to burp a baby in a proper way.

Consider the Feeding Position

There are many positions of feeding that can become the cause of a gassy baby.

This can be avoided by feeding the baby by having the baby’s head in a higher position with respect to stomach while feeding him/her milk.

Another factor that should be noted while feeding is that the nipple of the feeder should not have any air bubbles in it.

Make Your Baby to Exercise

Gassy baby can be helped with a little physical exercise as well.

First of all, you can help your baby by making him do some exercise of lower belly. For that purpose, you can move the legs of the child as if he or she is cycling. It will help to relieve the problem.

So, learn in this video how to do that.


Gas drops and gripe water are very much helpful in easing out gas among babies.

This can be ensured by giving the babies with these formulas according to the prescription of a doctor. These are very much helpful to avoid such issues for the infants.

Thus a baby with the gas can be helped in various ways and can be treated at home as well. You simply have to be careful about this.

Final Verdict

Definitely, that is a painful period for baby, when he/she not able to pass gas by the appropriate way but this can be the ease of your proper care.

Therefore, we mentioned, commonly used home remedies in this post, let me know which one works best for you.

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