Sealy Soybean Foam – Your New Favorite for Your Kid
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Sealy Soybean Foam | Your New Favorite for Your Kid

Sealy Soybean Foam Review: While buying a mattress for your child, if your focus is on safety, you must choose the Sealy Soybean crib mattress. This mattress comes with a great amount of functionality and firmness. This non-toxic product is made up of high-quality material to enhance the level of safety for the child sleeping in it.

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Better Quality – Long Lasting

The foam is made up of 27% cotton and is composed of about 73% polyurethane foam. The core of the foam is solely soy based. Crib mattresses are mostly composed of two products. They are made up either of coils or from soft foam.

If you are looking forward to a long-lasting product then you must go for the one that is made up of coils or springs. It keeps the product long lasting even if your kid is used to of jumping on the mattress.

If the comfort of your kid is your main priority then choose the one that is composed of foam. It keeps the child comfortable while sleeping in it.

Features to be Considered

  • Foam is certified by CertiPUR-US, which proves that it is safe enough for the child to sleep in it.
  • The product is durable and long-lasting.
  • It is made up of high-quality Soybeans that are grown in the United States of America.
  • It is liquid and stain resistant
  • The cover of the Fabric cover is soft
  • The plastic waterproof packing is not used as the topmost layer of the product
  • A shielding bind encloses the mattress
  • The corners of the mattress are Square that offers a cozy feel
  • It is made up of toxic free material
  • The cover of the product is water resistant and it is quite easy to clean it.
  • The product is very lightweight and changing the sheets is very convenient.
  • The dimensions of the product are 0 x 27.25 x 51.63.

Listen to others – What they are saying about it?

The foam of the mattress helps babies to sleep peacefully in it as it is firm and has a high-density core. Parents appreciate it for being water and stain resistant. Babies will definitely love it for its comfort and the cozy feeling that it provides. It protects the child against all kinds of odor and bacteria.

This product comes with a great-inbuilt style and enhances the beauty of the nursery. The thickness of the mattress is 5″ that makes it easy to handle. Cleaning it is easy and you can wipe it and clean it with a wet cloth conveniently.

It is a hypoallergenic product with fire-resistant features. It comes with a weight of 8.9 Lb that is quite less and makes the product easier to handle.

Why Should One Get Sealy Soybean Foam?

If you have apprehensions regarding allergic reactions and want to keep your child away from such reactions, you must go for Sealy Soybean mattress.

This product is well sealed and is not treated with any kind of material at any time during its making process. It is fully made of organic product and comes with high level of safety and security.

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