How to Make a DIY Rocking Chair and Cradle in One Combo Free Plan?

How to Make a DIY Rocking Chair and Cradle in One Combo Free Plan?

Being a parent is the most precious thing in the world. When your baby is on earth, you want to give the best things for him. Right?  A rocking chair is one of the common things that parents like to give to their kids. When you want to have a good rocking chair for the kid, there are two options available.

You can either buy from the market or make your DIY rocking chair. The second is preferable when you want to customize it in a unique style. Once you have made the decision that you are going to build it yourself, the next thing that comes into mind is, where to start? Well, this article will guide you to make a perfect DIY rocking chair cradle-in-one.

What Do You Need?

Before you start the process, you need to grab the essential tools. Here are the things that you should collect –

Hand saw for wood cutting, Drill machine, Staple gun, Measurement tape, Sander, and Brush

Additional Supplies

Wood glue, super glue, paint, screws, fabric, foam mattress.

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What Kind of Wood Do You Need?

Selecting the right type of wood is essential for a rocking chair. You can’t rely on some low-quality wood materials which are easily breakable. Instead of using plywood or boards, you can use pine plates. You need at least three larger size wood pieces with at least 2.8 cm thickness. If using additional wooden pieces can choose 2.0 cm thickness.

Design the Chair

You have to cut the wood in the right measurement. But where would you find the measurement? Yes, you have to draw the design before cutting the wood. Draw the blueprint, and what size do you prefer for the chair. It may take an hour for the design. You can also take some expert help before drawing. Once it is done, go for further steps.

Cut the Wood

When you have the blueprint on hand, you can cut the wood pieces accordingly. To cut the wood, you need to use the hand saw. However, if you have saws like a table saw or a similar thing, you can use that tool also. Use a measuring tape to have the right size of the cut. Cut the wood carefully so that you don’t spoil its shape.

You mainly need five pieces of wood for the process, which are the backboard, two armrests, seat, and supportive wood.

Connect the Pieces

When the pieces are ready, now connect them with screws and follow the blueprint that you made. In some cases, attaching the fabric will require wood glue. Keep the backboard in the right position to ensure it is providing full support to the back of your kid.

Once the main structure is ready, now it is time for sanding. Use the rough sandpapers first to make the wood smooth. Based on the type of wood, it may require different types of sanding papers. At the finishing, use soft sanding papers and polish the rocking chair. Use the paint for its supporting legs. Let the chair dry for at least 24 hours.

Attach the Fabric and Foam

Now you can attach the foam and fabric on the top. For maximum comfort, I would recommend using memory foam.

If you have followed the above instructions in the right manner, you will have an amazing rocking chair cradle for your kid.

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