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Is Preparing Recipes for Babies at Home Easier?

You will find shelves full of baby food in any supermarket store. From simple vegetables and fruits to combination dinners, the variety of food will make you confuse, which food to choose. We, on the other hand, will suggest you make your baby’s food at home. The homemade recipes for babies are not only economical but also rewarding.

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Recipes for Babies

Get Recipes for Babies & Prepare Food Yourself at Home

You don’t have to feed your child with preservatives and artificial colors that are present in the canned or readymade food available in the market.

Commercial baby food is made up of fillers that are not good for your baby’s health. Hence make your own recipes and prepare food at home as this is the best practice for any mother.

Simple homemade recipes for babies will keep your baby from health hazards caused by these ready-made foods. You will not only be able to use fresh and healthy ingredients but also manage the ingredients according to the requirement and need of your baby.

As mentioned before the homemade recipes for babies are very economical and save a large fraction of your money. Above everything, the food that you will make for your baby will satisfy you and will strengthen the love bond.

Bring Healthy Diet Plan for Your Baby

Before you start finding recipes for babies you should be well aware of the needs and requirements of your baby. You should know which ingredients are to be fed to your baby according to his/her age.

You should make a food plan for your baby that should include everything from cereals to meat and from vegetables to dairy products. The age of the baby should be kept in mind while designing his/her food plan.

Those recipes for the babies should be followed that provide your baby with balanced food according to his/her age.

Let’s Prepare Baby Cereal at Home

Every mother whose baby is of six months or more feeds her child with cereal available in the market. These cereals are not only expensive but also lack the freshness and purity of the cereal made by homemade recipes for babies.

It is very simple to make homemade cereal. It takes just 10-15 minutes. For example; if you want to make rice cereal for your baby then you need the following to prepare it within minutes:

  • Take ¼ cup of brown rice (You can also use white rice but brown rice is more nutritious)
  • 1 cup of water
  • A little formula milk or breast milk

Heat the water till boiling then add the rice powder with constant stirring. Slow down the heat and add a little milk to it. The instant baby cereal is ready. You can tailor the recipes for babies by adding fruits and vegetables that your baby likes.

Be careful about the baby’s age and only mix and match those ingredients that are allowed to your baby according to his age.

Banana – A Basic Food Ingredient of Recipes for Babies

Another very basic ingredient that every mother gives her baby is Banana. Banana is one of the early solid foods that babies get to eat when they start eating solids.

Bananas can be made even tastier using simple and healthier recipes for babies. Just take a banana and mash it well with a fork also add some breast milk or formula milk to make it easy for your baby to eat.

You can also add brown rice powder for increasing the nutritional value of mashed bananas.

Preparing baby foods at home is not rocket science at all. By using simple ingredients that you have available at home, you can bring so many recipes pretty conveniently for your kids.

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