Prince or Princess? The Best Baby Gender Selection Method

Prince or Princess? The Best Baby Gender Selection Method

Baby Gender Selection Method: Women of all times have dreamed of a prince charming, a beautiful house and children. They have always longed for a complete family and no family is complete without a handsome baby boy and a beautiful baby girl.

There are many parents who just have a baby boy and they dream of a baby girl.

On the contrary, there are many parents who want an heir to move their line, a boy who can look after them and carry on their legacy.

There are many depressed parents who cannot have their dream fulfilled just because they think it is not in their hand to decide the gender of their unborn child.

They believe that it’s all faith, thus they should be patient and content with what they have. But don’t you think the idea itself is a little scary, you know what you want, but you have very little control over it.

However, the world is changing now, various baby gender predictor haven proposed.

Likewise, Prince and Princess also propose a baby gender selection method, a technique that is not only competent, effective but also risks free.

Best Baby Gender Predictors

Even in this modern era,

We tend to come across people who are longing for a baby girl or a baby boy. They want their family to be complete, but they are at a loss and don’t know how to do it.

They need not worry; Prince and Princess have come up with a solution that can help fulfill their dream of a “perfect and complete family.

Although there are many medical surgeries and treatments available through which you can define the gender of your unborn child, these medical baby gender predictors have side effects.

Firstly, It is believed that babies that are conceived by using these medical methods are more prone to certain diseases as compared to babies that are born without them.

Secondly, many of the babies born using these methods have health issues throughout their lives.

Lastly, not everyone has that kind of money, as these medical baby gender selection methods are very expensive.

However, the method introduced in the e-book Prince and Princess is the best boy or girl predictor.

You can put your mind at ease regarding it, there is nothing to worry about and nothing to lose. You might think it to be unreal or another counterfeit method, but the fact is; it is effective and real.

It’s not your fault, if you think like this, after all, the internet is full of different baby gender selection methods, and every site promises that its baby gender predictor is hundred percent effective.

Princess and Princess’s boy or girl predictor on the other hand, not only promise that the method is effective, but it also has proof.

Many people have tried this method and they are very satisfied with the result.

If you are super busy then this video overview is for you.

Baby Gender Selection Method’s History

The writer of Prince and Princess is by profession a midwife, and in her 12 years of career, she has come across many depressed mothers who either prayed a baby girl or a baby boy.

These mothers have been a source of motivation and the reason for her to search and develop an effective and efficient “baby gender predictor method.” After extensive and elaborated research, she came up with a method that was operative.

By the time, she devised the method, she and her husband had planned for a family, thus she used herself as an object of an experiment in order to test the effectiveness of her boy or girl predictor.

Like all human beings who resist change, her husband also wasn’t pro the idea, but due to her persistence he agreed and it worked. Exactly, after 9 months they had a beautiful baby girl.

She then decided to test her method on her patients, they too were reluctant in the beginning, but they too gave in and were happy with the results. She tested this method on 117 couples and 112 couples were successful in convincing the baby gender they desired.

Thus, it was then when she decided to help as many people as possible by writing an e-book called “Prince and Princess.”

Advantages of Baby Gender Selection Method

Prince and Princess is an e-book that is easy to read and comprehend.

The book explains everything that is required in order to control the gender of your unborn child. It explains how 87 percent of the parents are using the wrong ways of conceiving a child and what should be done in order to stop that.

The book also explains the methodology of conception and the factors that are affecting it. It explains how these factors can be used to conceive either a baby girl or a baby boy.

The concept of ‘X’ and ‘Y’ chromosomes is also explained extensively in the book along with the method of controlling which sperm fertilize the eggs.

Not only this, the e-book explains a detailed dietary program because food boosts your chances of conceiving your preferred gender. The book explains which food is good while you are trying to conceive a baby girl and vise versa.

It also explains why and how these foods affect the gender decision and ways of increasing fertility. It is believed that the best time for getting a woman pregnant is during her ovulation period. In Prince and Princess, it is explained in detail how to calculate the ovulation period and use this information in order to determine the gender of your unborn baby.

The importance of vagina’s pH level along with the effect it has on the male sperm explained in the book. The book also sheds light on various sex positions and describes which position is best for conceiving a baby girl and which for a baby boy.

It also elucidates the best time to have sex, and why an orgasm is important for a woman in order to conceive a baby boy.

The book also elucidates about things that are important during pregnancy, things that a woman should understand and implement. It will explain how you can influence the odds of having an amazing baby girl or a handsome baby boy.

baby gender selection

Three Important Steps required for Baby Gender Selection before Conception

Below are the three very important steps required for a boy or girl predictor method.

STEP ONE: Ovulation Period and its Importance

“The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing.” – Joshua Harris

Women who want to know how to conceive a girl should understand that there are very short time periods in which the chances of getting pregnant are very high.

Thus, it is important that for them to time and plans their intercourse. During periods there are certain factors that decide whether it is going to be a baby boy or a baby girl.

Some of these factors include pH level, cervical mucus, and many more things. If your pH level during the intercourse time is alkaline, it is likely that you will conceive a baby boy on the contrary if your pH level is acidic the chances of conceiving a baby girl are high.

The book also explains the basal body temperature and how to control it.

STEP TWO: Dietary Program

As explained before, what food you eat has an effect on the gender of your unborn baby.

Thus, making it very important for you to choose your food with care.

Becoming a parent is a very serious decision, therefore, you might have to make a lot of changes in your diet in order to bring a healthy baby into this world.

However, you don’t have to worry much, the dietary program proposed in Prince and Princess will not change your whole diet plan like some nutritionist does, on the contrary, it will simply add and subtract few things from your current diet.

These things will depend on the gender of your child. Since food has a direct impact on your vagina pH level, thus the selection of food is done with great care.

If you are looking for an answer to the question how to conceive a girl, you can check out the dietary plan suggesting for conceiving a baby girl.

The foods in this particular dietary plan will make your vagina pH level acidic. Similarly, for a boy, the book suggests foods that will make your pH level alkaline.

STEP THREE: Different Sex Positions and their Effects

Different sex positions have always made sex more interesting and pleasurable, so in case you are among those people who prefer different sex positions instead of simple vanilla sex, you are in for a treat.

In that ebook “Princes and Princess” author have explained various sex positions and how they affect the baby gender.

For better understanding, these sex positions are graphically represented. the author will explain which sex position will help you conceive a baby boy and which a baby girl.

Reason for opting Prince or Princess

  • Prince and Princess are written in a very simple, systematic and concise way.
  • For better understanding, graphical representations are present in the book.
  • The success rate of the baby gender predictor method proposed in it is 94 percent.
  • There is no side effects the boy or girl predictor method is simple, safe and effective.
  • Every aspect of the method is backed up with scientific logic.
  • The method has been implemented by me, twice and it has been successful both times.
  • There are no convoluted medical treatments and procedures, thus no doctor is required and you save thousands of dollars.
  • No pain is involved as there is no need for injection and artificial medical treatment.
  • An extensive and elaborated research was conducted for the development of this method.
  • We don’t rely on superstition things, such as Chinese calendar.
  • No drugs are used, the process is all natural and thus it has no side effects.
  • The method can work for all ages, races, and nationality.

Price and Ordering Details of Baby Gender Selection Method

You now have the chance to fulfill your dreams of a complete family, a family which has both a baby girl and a baby boy.

It is understandable if you still are skeptical, but this method is effective and without corns. There is no harm in trying as there are no side effects.

You no longer should allow the faith to decide the gender of your unborn baby. Take things in your hand. Just add the Prince and Princess to your cart and come close to attaining your dream of a baby girl or a baby boy.

It’s better than you plan today, instead of regretting in the future. Why miss an opportunity, especially when there are no side effects.

If you order now, you can get your package upgraded for free. The upgrade includes “Plan Your Baby” ultimate edition, a healthy pregnancy guide and breastfeeding secrets.

The “healthy pregnancy guide”, explains in detail how to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

How to avoid the things that can put both your and your baby’s life in danger?

All the secrets of breastfeeding, along with the merits and demerits are explained in the ultimate edition of “Breast Feeding Secrets.”

Prince or Prince; a Gender Selection Return Policy

Incas, you are not happy with what you have bought, you need not worry. Your money isn’t lost. You can get it refunded.

In order to refund your money, the first thing you have to do after signing up is to send me an email explaining your dissatisfaction and your money will be back in your bank account in no time.

So, what are you waiting for? You should order the e-book right now and enjoy the free ultimate edition.

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