Newborn Hiccups - Causes & Possible Ways to Prevent
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Newborn Hiccups | Causes & Possible Ways to Prevent

Hiccups are normal although newborn hiccups can be really irritating at times; it is irritating even if it happens in adults too. It can be very worrisome for parents if it happens to a newborn baby.

Although newborn hiccups are not problematic still it can be a little irritating for the baby.

What are Newborn Hiccups?

Newborn hiccups happen when the infant or a newborn baby has air trapped in his/her airway and he/she is not able to release it. The air trapped in the airway produces a sound and a little shudder that is known as a hiccup.

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What Causes Babies to Get Hiccups?

The newborn hiccups can occur due to many reasons but at times it may happen without any reason as well.

However, mostly it just happens because of the blockage of the airway for an infant. This is something normal that newborn babies may experience so parents don’t have to worry about this much.

Newborn Hiccups Remedy

When baby gets hiccups, the best thing is to do is nothing! Hiccups don’t hurt the baby just like don’t hurt us.

This video might help you.

But if you are really worried about it than there are many remedies that can be applied at home in order to prevent hiccups among newborn babies.

You can get few possible answer at baby center too about newborn hiccups remedy.

Breastfeeding Newborn

The newborn hiccups can be easily relieved by breastfeeding. So if your kid is facing such issue then breastfeeding should be the first option to make him/her relaxed.

Mother’s milk can help in relieving this problem very quickly.

Helping the Child to Burp

Burping can effectively help the baby in relieving hiccups.

The burps can help in relieving the air that is trapped between the air tracts of the child that causes hiccups.

Thus patting the back and stomach of the newborn in a gentle way can be very helpful. An upset stomach can be a real cause of hiccups at a time too.

Helping the Baby to Stay in Upright Position

Excessive lying down of a kid can be another reason for hiccups. The parents can hold the child in an upright position and this can help in relieving the problem.

Changing the position at the time of feeding can also be helpful in easing out the child.

See the video for the detail.

Helping the Child Suck

Sucking anything can help to take care of newborn hiccups. You can help by giving the child a pacifier or simply feeding them child through the nipple.

Avoiding Newborn Hiccups

  • A child can suck excessive air while crying and feeding at the same time. So this can be prevented by feeding the child when he/she is calm instead of crying as that can produce hiccups.
  • If a mother is breastfeeding then many things taken by the mother can cause hiccups to the infant. The newborn hiccups can be caused by dairy products taken by the mother.
  • Keeping the baby warm can be very helpful too. Try to cover the baby in warm clothes and keep him or she wrapped up in a good way.

Thus there are many ways through which newborn hiccups can be treated. However, if the problem persists then the parents must consult a doctor for the proper solution of the problem.

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