A Proper Feeding Schedule Can Help You Avoid Newborn Feeding Issues
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A Proper Feeding Schedule Can Help You Avoid Newborn Feeding Issues

For the healthy growth of infants, milk is very important before the introduction of solid food. As babies grow their nutritional needs changes so, there should be such food that could meet all these changes. But infants’ mothers tend to have many newborn feeding issues regarding the consumption and feeding.

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Newborn Feeding Issues

Breastfeeding – One of the Major Newborn Feeding Issues

Milk contains all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are required for the early growth of newborn babies. Breast milk is the best food source for newborn babies.

But breastfeeding is the biggest challenge to feed newborn infants. Breastfeeding is hard during the beginning as there is no surety for new mothers that baby is getting enough milk. Hence it can be one of the main newborn feeding issues for the new mothers.

Reasons That May Cause Issues for a Mother & Her Baby

Sometimes it happens that baby can’t get enough milk because he does not properly latch on. Also sometimes it happens that the milk is insufficiently produced by the mother.

Engorgement is a major issue for lactating mothers because it makes the breast hard and baby cannot access the milk and cannot properly latch on.

Kind of Issues a Mother May Experience While Breastfeeding

  • Normally a newborn has lactose intolerance due to which the baby gets a lot of gas and stomach disturbance and can’t properly intake the food.
  • It is very natural that while the mother is breastfeeding, the newborn baby tends to fall asleep. When you feel that your baby is slowing down or going to sleep, start talking or rub his/her back to stimulate him/her.
  • It may happen that the mother can’t feed through breast due to some infection or maybe adequate milk is not produced. To avoid such newborn feeding issues, special formula milk is given to newborn that contains the required amount of iron, calcium, and vitamins.
  • Oral thrush is another major issue due to which babies can’t be fed properly. Oral thrush is a yeast infection which accumulates on the inner lining of infant’s mouth and makes the mouth sore due to which baby can’t intake properly. Also when he sucks the milk it causes infection in the breast as well.

Some infants may have a milk allergy that can lead to many newborn feeding issues. In that case, milk proteins can be proved as a harmful substance for the immune system of the baby. It causes diarrhea or other issues after feeding.

So as an alternative the babies are given other dairy products such as milk-based formulas. Salty food should be avoided for newborn infants as they have little kidneys that are not properly developed and salt may strain through their immature kidneys.

The Issue of Infant Reflux

Another issue is spitting up when the baby has been overfed, he/she spits up the milk and this is called infant reflux.

Bottom Line

It is important that the babies should be fed time to time so that they may not lose weight. Regularly check that the baby has proper growth. Consult the doctor time to time if there is any kind feeding problem. The best remedy to avoid such issues is to follow a proper feeding schedule for your baby. Get the proper feeding schedule and avoid newborn feeding issues.

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