Newborn Baby Care Tips | New Mom Exclusive Guide
Newborn Care

Newborn Baby Care Tips | New Mom Exclusive Guide

Newborn baby care tips are always important for new parents. Newborn babies are considered joys and treasures of parents.

Yet although becoming a parent is one of your most joyful days on earth, it is also traumatic and difficult because it is not such easy to develop newborn baby care.

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Because children are sensitive and delicate, slight mishandling and carelessness can harm them. Inappropriate care can lead to weakness and diseases.

Apart from providing them, bathing them and changing their clothes, they need special attention and proper care.

To assist you, read this content and follow the recommendations and newborn baby care tips mentioned.

Newborn Baby Care Tips

Here are some newborn baby care tips to follow.

Head proper care

Since a child’s ego is so delicate, you should be cautious in using ordinary hair shampoos. Keep their hair clean by using natural hair shampoos.


Since children have sensitive proper care, you should be cautious and careful of applying creams and lotions on them. To avoid infection and disease, you should wash their clothes with special soaps.

You should also apply homemade baby diapers and child baby wipes to protect the child’s skin from the disease.

Here is a video tutorial to make homemade baby diapers.

Skin sunburn and rashes

Because their skins are so delicate, you should secure them from sunshine by providing them the right outfits during hot varying climate circumstances.

Umbilical cord proper care

Baby’s umbilical cord should be cleaned using sanitary alcohol and soft cotton.

Cradle caps

Cradle caps can be washed using natural moisturizer and prevent using artificial products, like talcum powdered.

Baby acne

You don’t need to risk child acne that seems to be on the 1st 2 or 3 months from birth unless contaminated. You should give them frequent and comfortable bathrooms.

Picking and holding of babies

Since your child still has frail bones, ensure to returning up their go and neck when having them.

Make sure to lift the child by laying him on his back. Your one arm should assistance his go, while the other arm on his back and his foot.

Burping of children

children should be burped after providing them because they usually take plenty of air, disturbing their abdomen and making them unpleasant.

To burp your child, keep him in straight place and place them against your shoulder and chest. Hold him in the said place for several moments.

You can also set him straight on your lap and ensure that his ego and chest relax on your body.


Ensure to breastfeed the baby with breast milk because it is easily absorbed than formula milk. Avoid generous water to babies who are breastfed because their water requirements are met by breast milk.

On the other hand, if they show signs of dehydration, you should bring them to their pediatrician and give them standard water that is clean or whatever is prescribed by their physician.

With these newborn baby care tips and guidelines described beforehand, you can at present care for your newborn baby.

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