How to Have a Baby Girl? A Mystery That Everyone Wants to Explore

How to Have a Baby Girl? A Mystery That Everyone Wants to Explore

Looking to know how to have a baby girl? You are in right place. In this ultimate guide I will tell you how to get a girl pregnant. So, let’s continue.

Who doesn’t desire to have a baby girl? Our home becomes the sweet home, when we are blessed with a cute little fairy.

If you are looking for boy instate of girl then read the article how to have a baby boy.

How to Have a Baby Girl?

Many of us are seeking to balance their families as they have boys beforehand. Now the question is how to have a baby girl, especially when you are unable to make it?

Although there is no specific scientific way to predetermine the gender of baby whereas there are two contradictory methods that claim to have success to some extent.

If you are just trying for a baby, and looking the most important aspects for you to know. We have another great guide who is trying for a baby. This might help you.

Anyway, let come to the point we were talking about. We were in how to conceive a girl. Here are the mystery 4 methods you were looking for.

How to Have a Baby Girl through “Shetteles Method”

This shetteles method was proposed by Dr. Shetteles in 1960. Dr.Shetteles claimed 75% success for people who wanted to have a baby girl.

He believed that timing is the most important factor in determining the gender of a baby.

According to this method, you should have intercourse 2 or 3 days before ovulation. As the X sperms last longer than the Y sperms so mating before ovulation will increase the chance of female sperms to remain alive and fertilize with eggs.

I fond a YouTube video of Dr. Shetteles’s  method. Please watch this video before a jump to the down.

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Well, the drawback of this method will be that avoiding intercourse during the time of ovulation can lead to no conception at all.

“The Whelan Method” – 57% Success

Another great method was proposed by Dr. Whelan who predicted 57 % success for couples wanting to know how to conceive a girl.

This method involves slightly different timing.

To have a baby girl she advises to have intercourse 2 o 3 days before and for a boy she suggests that it should be done 4-6 days before ovulation.

Both of these methods were contradictory but their defenders claim success for both methods. However, there is little evidence to support the effectivity of these methods.

Monitor Your Dietary Changes

Change in the diet significantly affects the chances of conceiving a baby girl. As foods that are more alkaline in nature, make the female genital organ and uterus environment more favorable towards X sperms.

Add fruits and vegetables to your diet especially rich in calcium and magnesium are considered to be helpful in conceiving a girl.

Also, cut sodium and potassium-rich food as they are recommended to those seeking a baby boy.

Considering Position While Mating

Consider your mating position in order to conceive a girl. Try shallow penetration style instead of deep penetration positions like rear-entry-style.

As Y chromosomes are faster but X chromosomes are more resilient so ejaculating away from cervix increase the distance that the sperm has to travel and boost the chances for X chromosomes to fertilize with egg.

Also, conceive two or 3 days before ovulation as there is a chance that only female sperms will remain alive to fertilize.

Pursue Sure-Fire Methods

For more authentic results go for IVF i.e. in vitro fertilization!

This is a procedure in which doctors identify the embryo of certain sex and provide an option for gender selection for unborn babies.

Although this process is banned in many countries and raise certain ethical dilemmas.

However, some countries have to make an exception when there is a need for screening for gender-specific diseases. It involves identifying the gender while the embryo is still in the lab and claims to be 100% accurate.

Gender Predictor Test at Home

I already talk about 4 popular gender selection methods, maybe you would like to know how to test gender predictor at home.

There are a couple of methods to test gender predictor at home. Baking soda gender test is most known. I found another great video on how to do baking soda gender test. Here it that.

You can find some gender predictor kit here. Hope this will help you.

Final Verdict

Now it’s your turn. I have talked about how to have a baby girl. All the resource here I collect researching online. If you are the real expert & tested one of these methods, you might know better then me. Let me know your opinion below in the comment. I may feature you in my next article.

Have a great day.

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