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Baby feeding

How to Feed A Baby | Step by Step Guideline

Parents often say that, their baby is not eating properly and they become tense. But you have to know how to feed a baby properly. After reading this article you will understand all the things that you should know about how to feed a baby.

What to do and what to avoid. Every parent should know about proper baby feeding because it’s related to baby health and growth.

how to feed a baby

When should offer foods to your baby

It’s an important factor that when you are offering food to your baby. You have to know when your baby is ready to eat. At the age of 0 days to 6 months, your baby will cry when he is hungry, so when your baby is crying find out what is the reason. Give only breast milk at this age and don’t force your baby about foods. Please read Age By Age Baby Feeding Schedule to clear the matter.

After the age of 6 months, you can give your baby some solid foods besides breastfeeding. Your baby will show some signs and you can give solid food to him at that time. The signs are following:

  • He will cry or try to find something
  • Baby will show interests in others eating
  • He will hold up his head and will try to seat
  • He will move his mouth from you if you disturb him
  • He will try to eat something with his hand

Before feeding your baby make a better environment

Make sure the environment calm and quiet when you are giving food to your baby. Up to the age of 6 months give only breast milk.

For breastfeeding select, a comfortable sitting position for you, give breast milk easily. It’s important to make sure the position is helpful for the baby. Give the baby milk from both nipples to make sure the nutrition is perfect.

After the age of 6 months, you can use a chair for your baby so that he can sit comfortably. Use a towel and spread it in front of the baby so that you can clean up when necessary.

Use two spoons to give the food to baby’s mouth. Use two bowls to keep the food. One for the cereal and one for the supporting food so that your baby keeps interest in the food. Keep a paper or cloth on your hand because babies get messy.

Use a cup to give water to your baby. If you are using a plastic bowl or glass make sure that the plastic is at least 7 grade, otherwise the food will make reaction with the plastic and it is harmful to your baby.

Rules About Feeding A Baby

When the baby is hungry, he will open his mouth to take the spoon in the right place. Take a spoonful of meal everytime and give the baby properly. Wait after giving one spoon of food until the baby has swallowed it.

Must give water after 3 to 4 bites and give water a sip or two. Kepp the cup gently near his leaps.

When the baby is 2 to 4 years old, he may try to eat him or herself. Give him the chance so that he can learn how to eat himself. Give inspiration him to eat properly. During the meal time, you can speak with him or sing a song to get his attention.

Don’t try to feed the baby more food than he needed. Your baby will show you when he is hungry. If the baby doesn’t want to eat properly, you can discuss with a child specialist.

Forcing the baby will give a negative effect on his mind. Then he may throw everything from you, so be careful about this.

Clean the baby properly, especially his hands and face so that the baby keep safe from the disease. You can keep a record how much your baby takes food daily. It will help you to measure the amount of food which he needed.

Maybe, after finishing this article you have now a clear concept about how to feed a baby and what’s right and wrong. That’s it.

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