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Best First Foods for Baby that is Suitable (Updated)

The most common tension of the parents about the baby is what are the best first foods for baby? Yes, It’s really an important factor that can raise your fear too. When you started feeding your baby solid foods, you should keep in mind some major factors. Take a look below to get the full idea about the first food for baby.

First foods for baby

First Food for Baby after Born to 6 Months

Breast milk should be the first food for newborn baby. Up to the age of six months, you should offer only the breast milk to the baby nothing else. Doctors recommended keeping breastfeeding for the baby for up to 2 years.

 When Should You Offer Solid Food?

After the age of 6 months of the baby, you can start offering some solid foods to the baby as like mashed cooked egg. You can feed some fish which must be well cooked and hygienic. Please don’t miss to read my previous article Age By Age Baby Feeding Schedule

 Why Should You Offer Solid Foods After 6 Months?

After the age of six months, your baby needs more energy and more nutrition to keep up his natural growth. At this time baby searches for the new test. Some signs will help you to understand that the baby is ready for solid foods. They are the following:

  • When your baby tries to seat and holds his head up
  • When your baby is ready for solid foods he will never push the foods from his mouth with his tongue
  • The baby tries to find something as like spoon and open his mouth

How to Start Feeding Solid Food?

You should not force the baby to eat the foods. First foods for a baby should be hygienic and easy to digestion. For this reason, you can offer cooked well-mashed vegetables and mashed fruit, so that he can take the meals easily. You can gradually increase the number of foods that your baby needs.

At The Age of 6 to 12 Months

During this time you can offer some solid foods with keeping breastfeeding. The first foods that you are offering your baby should contain much iron. You can follow the following tips to give the first solid foods to your baby:

  • Don’t give much food at a time
  • Try to offer a new taste of food for your baby and at the same time of the day
  • Offering a little bit of food every time is much better than to give a large food at the same time
  • Start offering solid foods with high iron-containing foods as like single-grain, iron-fortified infant cereal, mashed cooked egg, well-cooked, finely minced meat, poultry or fish. With solid foods, you can give the baby some water in a cup which is helpful to digest the food.
  • Day by day increase the amount of meat, fish, poultry, and eggs.
  • Try to give green vegetables, which is Welly cooked because it will increase your baby’s growth and help to protect the diseases.
  • Another good food for your baby is the banana which is a good source of iron and other minerals.
  • Don’t give chips or juice or any other foods which contain artificial taste or flavor or color.
  • Though it’s recommended by the doctors that should keep breastfeeding up to the age of 2 years, you can offer cow’s milk with the other solid foods. Cow’s milk should be boiled Welly and the temperature should not be very high.
  • If your baby got the right amount of solid foods he will decrease taking breast milk. It is a sign that your baby is getting the perfect amount of food.

 Some Rules You Should Obey About First Foods for Baby

  • Don’t try to force your baby for feeding.
  • You should offer several times your baby for feeding and make sure your baby is getting the perfect amount of food.
  • Solid foods should be hygienic and contain high protein and iron.

Always keep these factors in your mind and make sure that everything of your baby is going properly with nutrition and feeding.

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