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Delta Eclipse Table for Children Review | Amazing Changing Table Ever

Delta Eclipse Table for Children Review: The most beautiful present God has created for the human being is a child. Parents love their children with their heart and want them to stay safe and protected. Having a newly born baby in the house is a great pleasure. Parents, especially mothers start to think about the nursery of their baby way before he/she is born. They want the nurseries to look beautiful and tremendous.

For this sake, they try to adorn the nursery with the stuff that looks good and protects the child to its fullest. They want their kids to stay protected all the time.

Delta Eclipse Table for Children

Delta Eclipse Table for Children – A Blessing

One of the many things that parents need to add to the nursery for their kid is a changing table. The table is used to change the nappy of the kid. You obviously cannot change the nappy anywhere around the house as it looks gross as well as causes inconvenience for the housemates.

The delta changing tables are well equipped with all the features needed to carry out the nappy changing process without causing any sort of annoyance to the kid as well as to the housemates.

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Features of Delta Eclipse Table

  • Convenient for kid’ up to 30″ tall and 30 lbs.
  • Solid & tough wood assembly
  • The 2 shelves offer amply of storing space
  • It comes with a safety pad
  • The Frame of the material is wood
  • Security rails encircle all the four sides of the table
  • The finish of the table is smooth
  • It comes with an easy assembly

As Convenient As It Can Be

The semi-gloss finishing of the changing table gives a fine look. There are side rails available on the table that makes the whole process safer and very harmless. The table comes with two shelves for the kids. It easily accommodates children with around 30lbs.

The table is huge and it has got lots of space to store various products for the kid such as cloths, lotions, diapers as well as spare clothes. You get some wraps to change the nappy of the kid along with the table.

However, you will need to assemble the parts of the table together all by yourself. Do not worry, you will get instructions book along with the table.

Buying It Is the Right Decision Or Not?

The changing table is just perfect for the price that it comes with. However, there is one thing annoying about it. It is a bit low and if you have to stand there for a long time to change the nappy, it may hurt your back.

The best thing about it is if you have a small nursery and you want the furniture to be, a bit functional then you must go for it. It takes lesser space and stores lots of stuff. The table will perfectly blend into the nursery of your child.

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