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How To Choose a Video Baby Monitor!

The prospect of bringing home a tiny baby can be daunting, which explains why the baby monitor is becoming increasingly popular with new parents. Nothing could be essential than the safety of your precious baby. But with your new parental status, you will also need rest.

Not to mention that you’re having more tasks to do each day. No one is really able to watch over their baby 24 hours a day. This is where Baby Monitor provides such peace of mind for both new and experienced parents alike. It provides a way to always be at the ready should they need you.  

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Types and Benefits of Baby Monitor

Baby alarms were originally quite basic pieces of equipment, which worked by transmitting only audio. They provide a way to hear your baby should they wake and cry, when you were away from their immediate location.    

These days there are so many types to choose from, offering a wide selection of features. It will not only let you know when your baby wakes. But can also alert you should they experience a period of not breathing.  

While it is rare, the possibility of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is a very real danger. And it is reassuring to know that you can have some immediate warning should they exhibit any danger signs or symptoms.

One type of alarm has movement sensor pads that lay under the baby and detects their regular breathing pattern. If there is any break or interruption for longer than usual it will alarm. It will provide you the opportunity to act quickly and potentially avoid a serious problem.

While highly unlikely you would ever need such an alarm, it still provides that peace of mind. This mind might allow you to get some much-needed rest when you have the opportunity.

Some of the best baby monitors with a camera attached include the Summer baby monitors, Fisher-Price, Summer Infant, Angelcare, Philips, Samsung, and Safety 1st.  

These high-quality brands tend to get the best reviews and can come with any number of extensive features including high-quality audio, wifi, digital HD video cameras, and even heart monitors!

 Note: Baby monitors buyer’s guide is available here…12 Top Rated Baby Monitors for Sensitive Parents            

If you are planning to have more than one camera to watch at the same time (mostly the case with twins), then we recommend a two camera baby monitor with split-screen feature

With purchasing a baby monitor there are some things to consider.  Problems can occur, such as getting interference from other wireless devices. Although this can be greatly eliminated depending on the quality of alarm you choose.  

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Features of Baby Monitor 

Some of the features that you might want to look out for include:

  • Checking the MHz and range – a greater range will help with the quality of the sound even if you don’t use it to the full extent of its potential.
  • Considering the number of channels available. And the technology used so that you can minimize any issues with interference.
  • Seeing if the monitor you are looking at has rechargeable capabilities, or are you going to have the ongoing expense of purchasing batteries.
  • Checking if you can get extras for your unit, like more than one handpiece, extra cameras or even an extra room monitor.
  • Finding out if it was out of range and low battery alarm.
  • Water resistance on the portable handpieces – this could be a useful safeguard, particularly if you take it outside. It gets caught in rain or it gets splashed near a pool, water feature or Jacuzzi.
  • The inclusion of things like video, temperature or movement monitoring.

As you can see, there are quite a number of options to choose from. When you are looking at baby monitors, and it all comes down to what particular features you feel. These are going to be most worthy of you and your baby.

Best Video Baby Monitors Included Features

If you are busy setting up a nursery for your new arrival, then looking at video baby monitors. It is quite likely high on your radar. You may have already noticed there is a huge range to choose from.  

Many parents are nervous about their impending roles. Some are very anxious about the possibility of problems like SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. While the cause is still a mystery, one thing you can plan for is prevention.

It is very reassuring for parents to know that they can monitor their baby via video. For movement using sensor pads, which register an interruption to their breathing pattern.  

More commonly a baby alarm system will allow you to keep a watch so that your little one is sleeping soundly. Should they wake you will know straight away without having to let them cry, causing unnecessary distress.

Standard baby alarms use audio, where the only option you have is hearing your baby. Things can interfere with these devices, and they can pick up other noises like air conditioning, central heating, vehicle or weather noises.  

By using video baby monitors, you are able to take advantage of visual cues. This option would otherwise be missed with audio alone.

Your baby will likely start moving around as they get closer to waking So you have some warning that they will wake shortly.  

A monitor that includes video will have a clear view of your sleeping child from a camera mounted in the nursery. A good quality system will also have infrared night vision that allows visual monitoring even in a dark room.

They can also come with a remote control. Some models have a function that allows you to pan or zoom the camera. It can give you a better view of the baby or the surrounding area.  

Some monitoring units offer the option of connecting up to 4 cameras. It is giving you the choice of having another one in the room, or you can place one in other rooms. And perhaps you can monitor two children at once.

Some of these cameras also allow you to take digital photos.

Even if you venture out into your garden, Baby alarms normally run on a wireless system. This wireless system allows you to take your handset with you. The MHz and range can vary, but many will reach a range of 650 ft to 980 ft. This is a considerable distance.

It is a good idea to get a unit that comes with an out of range alarm to alert you. It should you happen to move too far away, out of the signal area.            

Some of the best models include

  • The Summer Infant baby touch digital color video monitor
  • The Summer Infant best views digital video baby monitor
  • The Graco secure coverage digital baby monitor
  • And the Philips Avent digital video baby monitor

These top brands tend to get the best reviews. And a few other quality producers include

  • Lorex Live Snap Digital Wireless
  • Safety 1st High Def
  • Fisher-Price Talk
  • Graco monitor
  • Baby Touch
  • DECT technology capable devices
  • monitor multi-child
  • duo as well as the white bt 150

Another useful feature that comes with some monitors is the ability to give a temperature reading in your baby’s room. If the temperature happens to drop too low or gets too high, it could disrupt their sleeping patterns.  

It is also an added protection if you happen to live in an extreme climate area, as extremes in temperature can be life-threatening.  

Clearly, Video baby monitors are one good way to put your mind at ease. And give you greater control of keeping your new little baby safe and sound.

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