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Best Baby Gear in 2020 | A Short Guide

What are some of the best baby gear that you can’t do without? With all the many baby gear available, selecting the best for your baby can be tough for moms and dads.

Every parent has a list of items that they need for their baby but you can never have all of them. If you are starting a nursery and wondering how many items to stock, read my top 10 baby gear list that you need to make your work easy when parenting.

1. Baby Bath

Not all babies enjoy taking a bath. But if you have the best baby bathtub, you can make a great difference when it comes to shower time. You need a baby bathtub with crafty design and comfortable for your baby.

Most of the bathtubs also have a temperature monitor that lets you know whether the environment is safe and comfortable for your baby. I would recommend a bathtub with a design that allows dirty water out as you bath your little one.

2. Stroller

For parents who love strolling with their babies, you need to get a good stroller. Whether you want to take an evening walk, shopping or at the beach with your baby, having a stroller makes the experience great.

There are different types of baby strollers that you can get depending on your preference and taste. You just need to pick the one that suits you well. Most of the strollers are affordable, lightweight, durable and easy to use. You can also get high-end models with remarkable features.

3. High chair

A high chair is another important baby gear that every parent needs. It saves you a lot when you are feeding your baby. Babies can spend quite some time on the high chair eating, playing or even taking a nap.

You can get high chair models that convert to a booster seat and a youth chair hence you can use them for your kids when they are growing up. You can also get some portable models that allow you to use them when you are on the go.

For easy maintenance, a high chair with a light seat and removable tray will make it easy to clean in case the baby messes up. It is great if you look at baby high chair options available so that you can get the best for your baby.

4. Baby Carrier

For parents who would love to engage in other activities when carrying their kids, having a baby carrier is essential. Not only does it free your hands for other tasks but it also helps you bond with your baby.

You need to get a versatile, stylish and comfortable baby carrier so that you can enjoy carrying your baby and your baby can feel secure.

5. Bassinet

Co-sleeping with your baby is very important. According to research by the American Academy of Pediatrics, co-sleeping reduces the chances of accidental suffocation. Having a bassinet provides you with a good opportunity to sleep close to your baby.

Having a bassinet is also very important for nursing moms because you can feed your baby in the middle of the night.

There is a wide range of bassinets that you can get today from top brands like Fisher and others. They also come at pocket-friendly prices. You may check Mom And Baby Lab to see some superb bassinets.

6. Feeding & Infant Support Pillow

You need a comfortable position when you are breastfeeding your baby. When you have a nursing pillow, you can put your baby in a comfortable position while keeping your back straight.

Nursing pillows also have an ergonomic design that provides supports. When your baby grows, you can also use the nursing pillow for tummy time.

7. Car Seat

A car seat is essential and should be on your top list of the best baby gear. In instances when you will need to transport your kid either from the hospital to home or any other destination, it will be great if you have a car seat.

You should spend quite some time and look for a car seat with top safety features that will protect your baby from injury or death during collisions. There are different types of car seats that you can choose today deepening on what you like.

You can spend your money and buy a car seat that grows with your baby. It should also have safety features to keep infants and toddlers safe.

8. Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is an essential gear especially for parents who are on the go. It helps you carry important baby items. You can get a variety of diaper bags ranging from stylish models for fashion-conscious moms to practical models. Most of the diaper bags come with matching accessories.

You can also get other types of versatile diaper bags that can be used as handbags, shoulder bag or backpack.

9. Baby Monitor

Today, you no longer need to peek silently to the baby nursery to check on your baby. With baby monitors, you can watch your baby with your handheld device and know everything at any time.

Some baby monitors take photos of your baby while they sleep and you just need to upload them to your computer.

  • Activity Gyms

When your baby is awake, they need some tummy time because it helps in strengthening the upper body muscles, head, and neck.

Additionally, tummy time is important because it boosts strength and coordination when rolling, crawling, playing or reaching things. With the best baby activity gym, you can establish tummy time routines to help your baby grow stronger.

Baby activity gyms are affordable and they are recommended because they help in developing your baby’s coordination and motor skills. Others are equipped with interactive toys that promote early learning.

Other Important Baby Gear

Final Words

There is so many baby gear that you need in the early stages of their life. Since it can be hard to have all the baby gear, parents find it tough choosing essential items that they can’t do without.

After researching and talking to real moms about some of the gear they can’t do without, my team and I came up with the above top 10 lists. They are amazing baby gear nominated by most parents and recommended and a must-have for any mom out there.

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