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BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light Review

The BABYBJORN travel crib is a wonderful product. It is unique with an amazingly simple design. In addition, it is easy to set up and easy to carry when folded up. This travel crib is light and is usable anywhere. Well, it is way better than its competitors in terms of quality, comfort, and safety. The materials used in making this travel crib are nontoxic and of high quality.

Read through our travel Crib review and find out more amazing features of this travel crib. You can make the right decision for buying Best Baby Cribs among various types of cribs available on the market. It is also a perfect Travel-Friendly product in the market.BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light - Silver

Key Features and Specification of BABYBJORN Travel Crib

High Quality & Durable

The BABYBJORN travel crib Light is strongly fabricated to last longer. 100% high-quality material is used for making most of its body. In fact, the mesh material on the sides is strong enough to withstand stretching. This is essential, as the crib will not get torn up due to continuous washing.

Again, the frames of this travel crib are stable and durable. The travel bag has a much thicker fabric than most crib bags. Notably, the sewing is superb and holds up well for a long time.

Great Weight & Size (Fit to Carry)

Weight and size are key tips when choosing a travel crib. The lighter the travel bag, the easier it is to carry. When folded up, the crib and bag have a total weight of only 13 pounds. The size is small and can be fit in suitcases. The shape is also good and looks more like a bag. It is therefore extremely portable in cars. You do not need a truck or a large space.

When fully stretched, the crib takes very little space. It can, therefore, fit anywhere including camping tents.

However, the space inside the crib is large. Children slightly over 3 years can comfortably use the crib.

The BabyBjorn crib is light weighted & easy to carry with you.BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light - Silver

Easy to Use

Setting up the BABYBJORN travel crib is very easy and takes less time. You can easily do it without the user manual. Interestingly, the crib has no loose parts to attach. It is all in one piece.

Simply stretch it out and set it up in a single moment. The two legs will automatically straighten out and sides upright. Put the mattress in and you are good to go. Put your little baby and cover it. When not in use, fold it up and keep it in its bag.

Soft & Comfortable Mattress Soft

When traveling, the comfort of our children becomes one big priority. The BABYBJORN crib light comes with a soft comfy mattress. The high-quality mattress is 12.25″ thick. This is the recommended thickness of children’s mattresses. In fact, the mattress is comfortable and made of 100% polyether foam.

However, it is advisable to use a sheet on top of the mattress. The most recommended sheet is the Babybjorn Travel Crib Light Fitted Sheet. This maximizes comfort and reduces moisture in the mattress.

Your baby feels comfortable with a soft and smooth mattress of this travel crib. (click here to view more)

Easy to Clean

The hygiene of baby cribs is an important consideration. A good baby crib is easy to clean and dry up. This travel crib is simply that. First, the mattress cover is removable. Second, the crib has a fabric cover that is washable in a washing machine. This makes washing the crib easy and first. This is a guarantee that your baby will always be in a clean place!

Safe For Children

This travel crib offers the safest environment for your baby. Materials used are nontoxic and tested for many other chemicals. In fact, they are lead-free. The mesh on the two sides runs from top to bottom. This improves air circulation and reduces any chances of suffocation.

In addition, it has safety straps that secure the mattress. There is no chance that the mattress will rollover. Finally, the crib has an open and radiant view. This enables you to have a clear view of the child.BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light - Silver


  • Less weight and small size
  • Waterproof mattress cover
  • No battery required
  • Affordable and worth the price
  • Compact when folded and easy to carry
  • Available matching travels accessories from Babybjorn
  • Comes with a fitting mattress absolutely at no added costs
  • Spacious when setting up. It is usable by kids slightly over 3 years


  • Not ideal for children over five years

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can you travel with the crib on a plane?

A: Yes. Just check it in with your bags. Occasionally, it looks more like a suitcase.

Q: Is this the newest model?

A: Yes. The BABYBJORN Travel Crib light is an improvement of the Light 2 model. It is stronger and more comfortable than older versions.

Q: Is the mattress soft enough for newborns?

A: Yes. The mattress is soft and comfortable. You can simply lay a newborn on it directly.


This travel crib has different types of colors. Overall, there are seven colors available of the baby crib on Amazon. You can easily carry this crib with you without any problem. The crib’s dimensions are 24 x 20.3 x 6 inches and weight only 12 pounds in addition to a handy carrying case.

For this reason, it is really comfortable and user-friendly among all travel cribs. So, there is no confusion about the quality of the crib and keep it as your best choice without any doubt. Finally, say that this crib can meet everything that you want.

Final Verdict

The BABYBJORN travel crib is a top-quality highly refined travel crib. It is ideal for people who like traveling but do not have a lot of space. This crib is durable, easy to clean and highly portable.

In fact, this stylish crib guarantees your child extreme safety, comfort, and fun. Forget about the price and make this crib a secure and comfortable home for your child.

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