Why Baby Crying At Night Most of the Time?– Know the Reasons

Baby Crying at Night Most of the Time? Know the Reasons

Baby crying at night is a common issue, It’s how babies communicate hunger, pain, dirty diapers, fear, alone, and more.

Most of the parents are unable to handle the situations with their first newborn. He/she makes them awaken whole night and they don’t know how to tackle the particular situations.

There can several be reasons for baby crying at night and you need to find the reason to keep baby calm at that time. This may takes time for the new parents to understand what a baby actually wants.

Sometimes, it becomes complicated to understand a child’s behavior in the beginning.

Why Baby Cry at Night?

Here are some common possibilities of baby crying at night and being a parent, you can try all the steps one by one to find the problem with your child.

Due to Hunger Baby Crying at Night

It is the first thing that comes to the mind for a baby crying at night.

Babies are normally fed by their mothers too frequently because their digestive system works very well and they should be fed after every couple of hours.

You must know the signs of hunger through lips smacking and rooting of the child.

See the baby Hunger Cues!

Due to Dirty Diapers Baby Crying at Night

Dirty diapers are quite irritating for the babies and they give you signals for changing their diaper through crying.

So, you need to check the diaper to keep your baby calm at night.

Baby Crying at Night when Feeling Alone

It is quite possible that your baby has taken enough sleep in the midnight and now he/she wants your attention and care.

Therefore, he/she will start crying and ask you to talk and play with him/her in the midnight.

So, you need to get up and start cuddling your baby.

Gassy Baby Crying at Night

The newborns are more likely to have several health problems which need to be addressed by the parents and gas trouble is one of them. Know the major signs of gassy baby.

Babies may take air inside when they are breastfed by their mothers and it is quite irritating for them.

Making your baby burp for a while after the breastfeed will help the baby to get rid of baby gas.

Baby Crying at Night Because He/she Might Feeling Cold or Hot

Babies need a lot of care, especially while sleeping.

If a baby gets wet at night and wants to get rid of wet clothes, then he/she starts crying at night to tell the parents about the problems.

Therefore, babies must be kept properly wrapped so that they can be saved from the cold.

Similarly, they will complain you if they are kept too warm by crying.

Baby Crying at Night Because He/she Might Wants To Play

If you are blessed with a newborn baby, he/she might be sleeping more at day time and less at night.

In this case, mostly the babies wake up at night and want to play. Play with your baby if you don’t want him/her cry.

If you want to get rid of this situation, then you should look your baby sleeping schedule.

Teething Period Baby Crying at Night

You must know that teething is a quite painful for the babies.

If you find your baby crying at night without any reason then never forget that it can be caused due to painful gums as well.

Make sure your baby is going through the teething period and take care of your baby to keep him/her calm.

Teething Signs and Symptoms of the best Remedies can solve this issue.

How to Stop Baby Crying?

If you go through all the process mentioned above then probably your baby already stop crying. If not, then one last remedy remain. See the video below on how to calm a crying baby within a second by Dr. Robert Hamilton

In conclusion

In order to keep calm your baby crying at night it good to recognize your baby needs. Hope this article will help you. If you know something else about how to stop baby crying, let me know.

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