Top 6 Things A New Mother Will Need

Top 6 Things A New Mother Will Need

Being a new mom is an exciting time but it can also be a time of vast confusion.  Going into a store and looking through the aisles can be extremely overwhelming. And what we read about most is what the baby needs, diapers, strollers, onesies, etc. Things that are specifically for the baby.

But what about other things, what about some products that moms need that make their life better while taking care of a little person that relies on the 110 percent. Take a look at some of the things that will help you live your best postpartum and beyond life.

For Right When You are Done Giving Birth

While this is an amazing timeframe for mom (and also exhausting) it also can be messy. There is a lot of bleeding that comes after having a baby.  It’s essentially like a period, but heavier, because your body is getting rid of all the pregnancy-related tissues and such. A regular pad isn’t going to cut it.

When you are in the hospital, they give you the maternity pads which are thicker and longer than any you can find in the hospital. These will be essential to keeping you clean and catching the mess.

Some women (especially those who had vaginal births) tend to also use adult diapers instead of the maternity pads. This can be easier to deal with and more comfortable for some women (especially when you never wear pads, this can be a great alternative).

Other women, especially those who had a c-section rave over the mesh underwear that they give you in the hospital. It’s said to be more comfortable on the incision site so that it’s not irritated.  Before you go to the hospital, gather those supplies to throw in your hospital bag, and also know that you will get those in the hospital.

For those Nursing and not Nursing

Regardless if you nurse or not, you will need to protect your bras (and shirts) from the inevitable leaking. If you decide to not nurse, you may still have leakage until your milk stops coming in.  If you are nursing there are a lot of things that you will need in addition to a pump (if you plan on pumping).

There are a lot of things out there such as products that will catch leaking milk from the other breast while you are nursing, nipple pads to protect your bras, maternity bras (which are such a beautiful thing), cream for your nipples because they will get sore, and comfortable easy shirts to get to the breasts.

A Useful and Pretty Diaper Bag

You will use this for years to come. Not only does it come in handy when you have to carry bottles, and food and diapers and extra clothes, but also when they are a little older and instead of bottles of milk you are bringing water bottles, and juices, more snacks, and clothes, and then you can use it as a bag yourself.

Some of the easier designs to use are either a backpack or a messenger bag. Both keep your hands free and have a lot of storage room, plus they are pretty much a hands-free bag which is important when also trying to shuttle your children places.

A Reliable Babysitter

This sounds silly but it’s something you absolutely need. While many new moms aren’t ready to let their children out of their sight, it’s actually helpful for everyone. Even if that babysitter is used so that you can go get your hair done, nails did, or take a nap and a shower alone, it will be worth it.

Moms who make some time for themselves are notoriously happier because they still find that peace within themselves. The sitter can be a friend, a parent or an in-law.  And if you are in a relationship, use that time to connect with your partner. This too is important.

We focus so much on being a mom that we sometimes ‘forget’ about our partners.  It’s essential to the health of any relationship, both individually and together, to make sure that you also take care of yourself. So, get that babysitter on standby.

A Swing and a Carrier

There are plenty of different swings and plenty of different carries out there, and sometimes it means trial and error to see which one your child likes more or is more comfortable in. The swing is ideal at home when you have to do things, such as cooking, cleaning, etc., and many children will fall asleep in them. But they keep your baby safe and happy while you do what needs to be done.

There is also a plethora of carriers that each carry a child differently. Find which one feels best on you as well as with your child. Many women nurse while they have their babies in there, plus the baby gets a lot of cuddles and the parent’s warmth.

When going out it keeps your hands free and the baby safe and close by. No worries about others randomly touching them either.  It’s a great item to have no matter what, plus it lets you go out without the big stroller too.

A Pack and Play

I cannot stress this one enough. This is a lifesaver.  Going to the beach, you now have a place off the sand that can also be hot (and it saves cleanup as well if you don’t want them getting in the sand).

Another benefit is that when you visit people, you can bring the pack and play, set it up, and you now have naptime all ready and a place for them to go. Plus, it helps to keep them contained if you want to do so while the festivities are going on.

You can also bring it outside and have them out there too. The best part about this is that they fold up and have a carry strap to take it with you. Easy and highly practical.

This is a basic list of the things that will make life easier for you as a new parent. While this isn’t a be all end all list, it’s a good place to start (along with all of the other items that you will inevitably buy). Have fun with your newest addition to your family.

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