6 Baby Health Problems You Must Should Know
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6 Baby Health Problems You Must Should Know

It’s every parent’s top priority to watch upon baby health and safety. In order to make sure that your children blooms you need to keep in touch with doctor’s, provide a satisfactory sleeping schedule. And isn’t it obvious many problems in newborn baby’s health related to their immaturity and adapt to a totally new environment. In fact modernized medical advantages, reducing baby health problem remarkably. Read Baby Health Problems – Guidelines for a Healthy Start in Life


Here are some important guide and fact about baby health problem that every parent’s will find useful.

Baby to Cry for Hours Every Night

It’s a common fact that baby cries, but it becomes alarming when a baby cries for hours at a time. Basically, Colic is the word used to describe when babies cry a lot or fail to settle for a lengthy period of time. Sometimes there is a medical reason for the baby’s crying and this may need to be checked by a specialist doctor or expert nurse. It will helpful, because it’s very hard for parents to provide reassurance to babies, if they are worried there may be a medical problem, but this is not obvious that there is a medical problem behind this. Most of the time there is no medical reason found. Crying is a communication from the baby to their caregiver that they are not comfortable. It’s a normal part of their body growth and development.

 Respiratory Syntactical Virus (RSV)

Sometimes baby faces problem looks like cold and this Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is the most likely reason. This also causes difficulty breathing or become a serious lung infection. It usually happens with infants in very young age. Premature infants are particularly susceptible to this virus. This is a fatal virus and one of the deadly baby health problems. The parent must appoint to doctor if they see any of these problems mentioned above.

 Apnea Problem

Brief cessation of breathing (apnea), sometimes accompanied by slowing heart rate (bradycardia). And it is a dangerous issue for babies’ health and a fatal baby health problem. A massage may stimulate breathing gradually, or compression of a handheld bag can temporarily administer air. For its repeated spell doctor may use a device on the baby’s nose.

 Feeding Problems

Feeding problems are often unsatisfying, particularly if the baby wakes often or cries during the night regularly. If your baby still seems hungry despite frequent feedings, he or she may not be attached to your breast correctly, as the baby need. When a baby does not latch on right, he may not get enough milk during feeding time. Sometimes, mother’s breast milk supply may be insufficient for the baby or the baby’s mouth may be sore.

A lot of gas and stomach discomfort

Babies may face problems like gas and stomach discomfort. These are one of the most sufferings baby health problems. Because of these problems baby cannot sleep well and they cry a lot. These symptoms may be a significant sign of Lactose Intolerance, which means inability to digest lactose properly. Lactose is one kind of sugar found in milk and other dairy products.

Fever in Infants

Sometimes babies caught with a fever of 100.4° or higher. This may be a sign of a serious infection. On this very case, parents must appoint with the doctor. Parents must be careful on such type of baby health problems otherwise it would cause serious harm.

Finally, parents must be careful and they must beware of the baby health problems so that they can take the necessary steps to take care of their babies’ health.

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